Canadian women landscape photographers

So thrilled to be writing a blog post about some amazing ladies. Here are five women who are outstanding Canadian landscape photographers. Make sure you check out the links to their sites.

Landscape photography is a male dominated area and when I first thought to feature women only, I had no idea how hard it would be. After tons of searching I managed to come up with five. I know there are lots more so please email me with your picks. The only criteria is must be Canadian, female, landscape photographer. In the meantime take a look at these women.

Dani Lefrancois lives in Banff, Alberta and loves to share her passion for the Rockies through her work, Photography by Dani and her company Banff Photo Workshops and Tours. In addition to the standard workshops her company runs,  check out the Women in the Back Country Photography Workshops series.  Dani puts her own personal spin on this frequently photographed park.

Jaclyn Tanemura is one of the co-leaders working with Dani at Banff Photo Workshops and Tours. These days you need to show the moods of a place, draw people in so that they want to get their wanderlust on and Jaclyn's work does exactly that.  You can find Jaclyn's work at Jaclyn Tanemura Photography.

Viktoria Haack hopes for more women to try landscape photography in this male dominated area.  Her own work represents the care that she takes to create every picture and transports you to a magical place where anything is possible. Viktoria is also a co-leader for Banff Photo Workshops and Tours working with Dani and Jaclyn. Viktoria's work is at Viktoria Haack Photography.

Aslinah Safar lives in Edmonton, Alberta and has a love for the outdoors and an adventurous nature.  Trying to get the shot once involved -30 degree temperatures and frostbite on her nose.  An experience she's not anxious to repeat. Have a look at Aslinah's work here.

Rebecca Simrose is from Calgary, Alberta and has a beautiful portfolio that includes other nature images as well as landscapes.  She is willing to do what it takes to get the shot even if it involves standing in icy creeks, getting swarmed by mosquitoes or crawling along the ground.  Be sure to check out Rebecca's portfolio.

Again, I know there are lots more amazing women shooting landscapes, so please be sure to point me in their direction.